Looking to get started with ham radio? Our starter kits get you licensed and on the air fast.

Extreme weather and other natural events can knock out communications. Reach the people you care about, no matter what.

You need more than a plan when things go south. We communicate without infrastructure, and so can you.


WORLD GONE SILENT is the plan that makes it as seamless as possible to gain access to the amateur radio network. I’ve done all the work of figuring out the technological and bureaucratic hurdles, finding the best educational system, and even sourcing the smartest equipment so you have a reliable backup when things go wrong.

I will walk you through the process of what you need to learn, connecting you with the fastest training system around to get you the information you need to get certified by the FCC to use this crucial resource. We’ll supply you with a radio, and the instructions on how to use it, and ship it to you pre-programmed for at home testing. Our starter kits include all you need to can get on the air as quickly as possible.

Forget that image of some old man tapping away in Morse code surrounded by huge pieces of equipment.
You don't need to know code to get licensed anymore, and a simple handheld radio can get you on the air. The education system I’ve chosen gets you ready to pass the certification exam in as little as a week’s worth of study in your occasional down time.

The government doesn’t make it easy to learn how to gain access to this free infrastructure, but with the information and equipment offered here, I can teach you what you need to know to be able to communicate when the rest of the WORLD GONE SILENT.