World Gone Silent came from a simple idea: why is there such a wide gap between what it actually takes to get started with ham radio, and the intimidating gear and advice that is recommended to preppers.

Our founder has been involved in amateur radio for years, and on each step of his learning about the hobby, he documented all his mistakes and misunderstandings.  Then, when reading prepper magazines and books, he started wondering what preppers really need to know to make amateur radio part of their kit.

He found that ham radio was either described very vaguely (yes, get a ham radio) or in terms of the most expensive, complicated way possible (buy a radio that costs thousands of dollars and spend months learning morse code).

So, he wrote up a plan to see whether there would be a need for a kit that cuts down the middle: a reasonably priced kit that includes everything needed to get a license and get on the air.

The deluxe kit was born!

After compiling those first kits, World Gone Silent attended a gun show in Atlanta, set up a humble table, and started explaining the idea.  Sales were made, and World Gone Silent was live!

Since that time, the business has expended to include additional kits, that include repeaters and solar power, and began to sell on Amazon near the end of 2015.

Business has continued to grow, due in no small part to our fierce responsiveness and care for our customers.

Do you have any questions about amateur radio, or how to get started? If so, email us at help@worldgonesilent.com or click the big red button below.

Chandler, our founder and resident amateur radio or ham radio expert, survivalist and trainer using an original Newton

Chandler Friedman – Founder

Chandler is a reformed network journalist who’s fascinated with controlling things invisibly, whether it be amateur radio repeaters, drones, or R/C cars and helicopters.

He’s the Emergency Coordinator for ARES in Atlanta, certified by DRI in Business Continuity Planning, FEMA certified, and a Peabody Award winning journalist.

He recently found himself more interested in trying to help people to be more prepared for when things go wrong instead of sending cameras to shoot video of the aftermath.

Being prepared covers a wide spectrum, from burying a shipping container underground stocked with months of food and gear to having enough food and water at home to be able to ride out a few days without any government or commercial services.

When not working on the business, he enjoys backcountry camping, reading about great design and business intelligence, and Georgia football (go Dawgs!).