Unspoiled Wilderness Near the City

Wilderness camping - nothing beats a cozy fire

Camping out often conjures images of long distance treks to inaccessible parts of the world: Patagonia, Everest, the Amazon.  But you can find adventure without having to pack your passport by exploring the wilderness near home. Nothing beats experience in the wilderness Gathering equipment is helpful, and knowledge is power, but few things are more

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Email through your ham radio

Ham radio lets you send emails.

This is national preparedness month, and FEMA says “Don’t Wait. Communicate.” But, you may want to use your radio to reach non radio users.  Turns out there’s a way to use your radio to send an email, even if all the infrastructure around you is destroyed. Here’s how. Equipment to send email via radio You’re

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Why EMP is a risk

The threat of an EMP is nothing new to the prepper community.  But, the dramatic threat from an electromagnetic pulse is often misunderstood.  Let’s clarify exactly what’s at stake and why you’re at risk. EMP Weapons The world’s largest militaries have developed (or are threatening to use) an EMP weapon.  This kind of weapon delivers

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Cell Phone Vulnerabilities

Cell phone vulnerabilities are no joke

Communication and cell phones are almost interchangeable these days.  But what vulnerabilities could your cell phone face in an emergency? Security vulnerabilities Hackers have tools today that can access your phone and make it do all sorts of things you’d never expect.  Of course you’ve heard about the leak of naked celebrity photos in 2014.

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How ham radio works during a disaster

Some hams practicing for an emergency

Maybe you’ve seen those guys in the orange vests who come out to volunteer during community events, like parades or 5K races.  They’re the kinda dorky looking ham radio guys with a radio (or several) helping out the event organizers. Why would someone go out in public this? For you.  Yep, that passive-aggressive mom-sounding answer

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