Portable HF Pack


View of all the gear included in the WGS HF Pack
Antenna included with HF pack
View of all the gear included in the WGS HF Pack
our new HF pack
The Yaesu FT857 is included in our HF pack

Portable HF Pack


Play time is over.  You’ve heard of ham radio, and you want to get on the air.  You’ve heard of people talking around the country and around the world with the power of a light bulb, and you want in!

This is our kit to get you from dead stop to on the HF bands.  We’ve smoothed out all the wrinkles and bring you the simplest, most powerful, most user-friendly kit anywhere to get you on the air, no matter what.

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You’ve heard about this ham radio thing, and you’re ready to jump in with an HF pack of your own.

But, you want more than just chatting with a couple locals.  You’re looking for a solution that will get you on the HF frequencies that circle the globe.

Our new HF pack has everything you need to get you talking around the country, or around the world, using only the gear in our absurdly tiny 12 pound backpack.

World Gone Silent hand selected proven gear, sourced from the best manufacturers in the business.  We spared no expense in sourcing the best equipment from industry experts.

What do you get?

First is our full color manual that teaches you all the practical aspects of your kit, including how to deploy on a moment’s notice, and even how to coordinate with loved ones on the air when SHTF.

We include the Yaesu FT-857, a transciever with 100 watts of power that lets you talk on all the HF bands as well as the more local VHF and UHF frequencies.

Here’s the LiFePo battery, which has more power than any other for it’s weight and size.  And your battery and radio are configured with Anderson Powerpoles to ensure you can share power supplies with other knowledgable ham radio operators.

Old school ham radio guys will tell you that the antenna is just as important as the radio, which is why we include two of them!  SOTABeams configured their super-light dipoles to ensure all your transmitting power radiates outward on both 20m and 40m without an antenna tuner.

We also include the legendary VHF/UHF slim jim antenna.  The slim jim is a proven design that maximizes your power while taking up a tiny amount of space. Deploying these antennas is simple and only takes minutes.

You need your ham radio general ham radio on the HF bands, but don’t worry.  We have you covered there, too.  We include access to the technician and general license courses from Ham Test Online, the service that’s taught thousands of people the material needed to get licensed.  Their learning management system focuses just on what you need to learn, and ignores the material you already understand.  You’ll be studied up and on the air fast. And, we offer fast FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA!

It’s all here.  Stop sitting on the sidelines, and kickstart your entry into ham radio.