The Comms Pouch


The copyrighted and color illustrated World Gone Silent getting started manual and a subscription to HamTestOnline so you can get your ham radio or amateur radio license.
Stock items included in the concealed carry kit
The Baofeng UV-5RA ham radio or amateur radio, with included charging stand and earpiece.
The Baofeng UV-5RA ham radio or amateur radio with the programming cable plugged in and CHIRP programming software shown in the background
The Nagoya NA-771 antenna, tested to be the best for the Baofeng UV-5RA
The tested and verified World Gone Silent programming cable

The Comms Pouch


The World Gone Silent Comms Pouch provides everything you need to join the network of helpers that are ham radio operators.

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The Comms Pouch is a small, discreet way to keep a handheld radio in a  glove compartment, trunk or bug out bag that ensures you can communicate when power is out and the cell phone system is overload.

The pouch comes in three styles (Gray, Black, Brown, Checkered, and Red Line) is large enough to carry a handheld radio, a spare battery pack to run it on AAA batteries, and an extended after market antenna designed to maximize the transmitting and receiving capabilities of the radio.  All included!

The radio is a tested and verified 5W VHF/UHF radio, capable of accessing the thousands of amateur radio repeaters all throughout the country.

We also include a subscription to HamTestOnline so you can learn all the material necessary to get your ham radio license and operate in the clear.

Our kit also comes with a smaller stock antenna for the radio, a charging cradle for the stock lithium ion battery, a manual to learn how to use and configure your radio, a tested and verified programming cable.

And, like all our products, we offer free shipping anywhere in the US!

Don’t find yourself helpless to communicate when things go south.  Be prepared with the World Gone Silent Comms Pouch, and be sure you can reach the people you care about, no matter what.

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Pouch Colors

Grey, Black, Red Line, Brown, Checkered