WGS Repeater Pack


The full backpack showing how all the amateur radio or ham radio gear fits in or on the repeater pack.
All of the great ham radio or amateur radio equipment and gear that comes with the Repeater pack
All of the great ham radio or amateur radio equipment and gear that comes with the Repeater pack
An arborists weight and some 550 cord or paracord, included in the WGS repeater pack
The Yaesu FT-8900 in crossband repeat mode, attached to lead acid battery and a roll-up J-pole for use in the repeater pack.
The Yaesu FT-8900 hooked up to a lead-acid battery and ready for operation in the repeater pack.
Close up of the Yaesu FT-8900 screen, when the radio is in cross-band repeat mode.
A roll-up J-pole antenna and extension cable.
Lead acid battery and wall wart for charging that battery, all included with the repeater pack.
The charging unit for the lead acid battery included with the repeater pack.
Lead acid battery included with our repeater pack
The four tested and pre-programmed Baofeng UV-5RA ham radios or amateur radios included with the repeater pack.
the four handheld Baofeng ham radios or amateur radios, sometimes called HTs, included with the repeater pack.
The World Gone Silent manual for the repeater pack, which includes all you need to know to get started and configure your kit.

WGS Repeater Pack


Imagine having your own repeater, ready to deploy in the field on a moment’s notice.

Stop imagining, and check out the new WGS Repeater pack!

In stock

It’s finally here: an all in one repeater system that fits in a simple backpack.

Included are 4 pre-programmed Handie-talkies, and a base station to re-transmit your signal at 50 miles!

This is your own private, protected network, to be able to communicate with the people you care about.

The kit includes, everything you need, a power supply, charging cables, antenna, 550 cord for hanging your antenna, and a custom written, full color manual that explains how to get your repeater configured and on the air fast!

You may have a radio of your own to use other people’s equipment, this kit gives you everything you need to get your own private communications network up and running, without relying on anyone else.

Each kit comes with:

ONE (1) backpack to carry all your gear
One (1) Yaesu FT-8900 transciever
One (1) Lead acid battery
One (1) lead acid battery charger
One (1) Roll-up J-Pole antenna
One (1) Coaxial extension cable
Four (4) Baofeng UV-5RA handheld radios
Four (4) Molle radio pouches
One (1) Baofeng radio programming cable
One (1) WGS Repeater Manual

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